Together With Master

Author(s): HIMAWARI Souya

Status: Ongoing

Rank: 6021th

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A collection of stories: From Lililicious: 1. Cosmos no Saku Niwa (The Cosmos Garden) 2. Goshujin-sama to Issho (Together with Master) A "PET" is a love animal, created for the express purpose of pleasing their master. This is a short story of how one PET became endeared to her master, and vice versa. 3. Kuchinashi (Gardenia) 4. Sakura Buntsuu (The Cherry Tree Correspondence) A sweet story set in the Taisho period. 5. Hare ni Mau Yuki (Snowflakes Fluttering Down Through the Clear Sky) A love story about a princess and a knight. 6. Hoshi ni Negai o (Wishing on a Star) Two friends deal with grief. 7. Sakura Buntsuu - After Story (The Cherry Tree Correspondence - After Story) Another pair of girls begins exchanging letters.