Sora no Otoshimono

Author(s): MINAZUKI Suu

Status: Completed

Rank: 5191th

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Sora no Otoshimono is a story about Sakurai Tomoki. Sakurai Tomoki is a normal student whose motto is "normal is the best". If there is one thing abnormal, it is that he often dreams of a girl whose face he cannot even remember, and when he wakes up from that dream, he would always be crying. He tried leaving it as just a dream... but one day, from the sky, an angel descended. The angel IKAROS called the first person (Sakurai Tomoki) she met after landing as "master", well then, the two cohabiting together, Sakurai Tomoki's life derailed with a series of interesting story called as "Sora no Otoshimono".