Paradise View

Author(s): KOJIMA Lalako

Status: Completed

Rank: 18049th

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22/03/2019 Update
Company employee Hideo has been going out with his lover for 9 years. Despite being busy as a pediatrician, the younger Tomohisa only thinks about Hideo. The two of them love each other from the bottom of their hearts, but as they approach the age of 30 they come face-to-face with a harsh reality. Although they hold each other close, their hearts are distant, controlled by fear… (Note: this series has 9 chapters not 8. All have been translated but chapter 9 was done with lower quality images and the translator has asked for it not to be posted online due to it not being properly scaned. So to read chapter 9 you will need to go to koyukiya's scan page and download it.)