Nemuri Otoko to Koi Otoko

Author(s): ZARIYA Ranmaru

Status: Completed

Rank: 18050th

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17/04/2017 Update
A collection of stories: 1. Nemuri Otoko to Koi Otoko (A Sleeping Man and a Loving Man) Part 1 - Jude and Royce have been long-term business partners and housemates. Things were going well for the platonic life partners, one of whom is openly gay while the other is straight; that is until a mysterious sleeping disease befalls Royce... Part 2 - Royce's condition responds to medication, but he hasn't been taking it lately. Seeing Jude chatting with another man, he suddenly wonders if Jude might have a lover. 2. Yasashii Dinner (Sweet Dinner) Chef Kirino reconditions Aoi-kun, whose issues with food began during a previous relationship. 3. Yoru o Nigeru (Run from the Night/Escape from the Night) Afraid of the dark and afraid of attachments, Haru has emotional scars from childhood trauma. When his relationship with Hugo starts to turn into something more than just sex, Haru is conflicted. 4. Taiyou to Himitsu (Sun and Secrets/Secret and Sun) Kaito has an intense affair with Cody one summer, and feels betrayed when Cody suddenly announces he's returning to his family. But now Cody is back, and wants to pick up where they left off. 5. Matsu Hana (A Waiting Flower/The Awaiting Flower) "A sacred place, a forbidden deed. Such a thing, though I understand that it is not allowed." 6. Nemuri Otoko to Koi Otoko - Sono Ato (A Sleeping Man and A Loving Man - Epilogue) Royce goes out of town on his own, forgetting something important.