Mori no Koe

Author(s): NAONO Bohra

Status: Completed

Rank: 4287th

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10/08/2011 Update
A reprint collection of 4 doujin with a special story drawn for the release of this book. 1) Otoyami no Mori - Yume no Koe While visiting the market one day, Doctor Ao happens upon a stand where they're selling demons and reluctantly purchases one as his own. Although the demon has been treated harshly in the past, he meets kindness at his new master's hands and comes to find peace with him. But when that peace is threatened can they find their way back to each other?! Or will the demon disappear for good?! 2) Yumeoi no Mori A wounded professor finds that when he awakes he is in the capture of a young demon. 3) Itsuwari no Mori Yuusa is the neglected only child of a wealthy woman, and the only kindness he received as a child was from one of her pet demons, Hugh. Yuusa's all grown up now, and can't understand Hugh's coldness towards him, so he often abuses Hugh to get his attention. But Yuusa's manipulation's go too far... 4) Yoru Utau Mori Continuation story about the characters from Yumeoi no Mori. 5) Mori ni Shizumu Tsuki