Honnou Honey

Author(s): SHIINA Chika

Status: Ongoing

Rank: 9902nd

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29/04/2015 Update
He can’t stop the girls from gossiping… The invitation from those gentle eyes is irresistible… I want him to love only me… I want him to be only with me… All the girls are drawn to him… The moment he is unable to stop it, he entices more, but he is still far from getting embraced?! Includes: Honnou Honey Ano Natsu wo Wasurenai (That Unforgettable Summer) Kimi no Kisu de Oshiete Ageru (Teach Me About Your Kiss) Toriko ~Toriko~ (Slave ~Captivated~) Kono Koi ha Himitsu (This Love is a Secret) Atashi ga Heya ni Ageru Riyuu (Give Me Reasons to Go to My Room)