Dragalia Lost

Author(s): Cygames

Status: Ongoing

Rank: 24525th

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15/02/2019 Update
Alberia... A kingdom where dragons rule over nature. The Alberian royal family possesses the power of shape-shifting. By forming a pact with a dragon, the can borrow its form and wield its immense strength. One day, the kingdom is met with a strange and most troubling occurrence. The power of the sacred shard that protects the city begins to weaken. In order to protect his people, the seventh prince of Alberia, not yet pact bound with a dragon, sets out on what's know as the Dragon Choosing. While he seeks a dragon to form a pact with, he'll meet new companions—including a mysterious girl from another time—and face a sudden and inexplicable change in his own father, the king. Such are the chronicles of the bonds and batthles that await the Dragonblood Prince.