Angel Densetsu
Angel Densetsu

Angel Densetsu


Last Update: Mar 22,2008

Tag: Action Comedy Martial Arts Romance Shounen School Life Slice of Life
Author:YAGI Norihiro

The story is of Kitano Seiichirou, a very kind and pure-hearted young man, with a horrifying, monstrous face. People being what they are, they think he’s a terrifying delinquent, and there are plenty...more

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Vol (89) Order
Vol.15 Ch.084 - The Final Holy War Vol.15 Ch.083 - Waiting for the Fateful Word... Vol.15 Ch.082 - A Day of Blue Skies Vol.15 Ch.081 - Trouble of Takehisa Vol.15 Ch.080 - Manse of Evil Vol.15 Ch.079 - Upon My Love, Greed, and Pride Vol.15 Ch.078 - Days of Our Youth: Part 3 Vol.15 Ch.077 - Days of Our Youth: Part 2 Vol.15 Ch.064.5 - Volume 12 Side Story Vol.15 Ch.035.5 - Volume 7 Side Story Vol.15 Ch.031.5 - Volume 6 Special Vol.15 Ch.026.5 - Volume 5 Special Vol.15 Ch.021.5 - Vs. The Passing Murder - Side Story Vol.14 Ch.076 - Days of Our Youth: Part 1 Vol.14 Ch.075 - Angel At Rest Vol.14 Ch.074 - He Who Will Not Fall Vol.14 Ch.073 - Mark of the Lady Vol.14 Ch.072 - Pieces of the Beautiful Angels Vol.14 Ch.071 - The Advent Upon Leo's Anguish Vol.13 Ch.070 - The Great Demonic Ant Lion Escape Plan Vol.13 Ch.069 - Moon to the Devil Vol.13 Ch.068 - The Evil Pursuer Vol.13 Ch.067 - The Siblings are Possessed Vol.13 Ch.066 - The Suffering of the Halford Family Vol.13 Ch.065 - The Mysterious Connection Between Hero and Demon Vol.12 Ch.064 - Another Sunday for the Kitano Familt Vol.12 Ch.063 - The Home of Demons Vol.12 Ch.062 - At the Far End of Violence and Lamenation Vol.12 Ch.061 - The Mighty and Ephemeral Vol.12 Ch.060 - A Photograph of the Highest Level of Violence Vol.11 Ch.059 - Holy Battle in the Morning Vol.11 Ch.058 - The Crossroads of Hell Vol.11 Ch.057 - Kaburagis Observation Report Vol.11 Ch.056 - Afternoon Hidden Photographer Vol.11 Ch.055 - A Calamitous Vol.11 Ch.054 - The Ideal Subject Vol.10 Ch.053 - Ryokos Sunday Battle Vol.10 Ch.052 - Kurodas Beautiful Sunday Vol.10 Ch.051 - Showdown Koiso Style Kobujutsu Vol.10 Ch.050 - The Warrior's Afternoon Vol.10 Ch.049 - Ikuno's Confession Vol.10 Ch.048 - A Far Off Concern Vol.09 Ch.047 - Spring Sunlight Through Vol.09 Ch.046 - Shadow of the Devil Vol.09 Ch.045 - Anguish of the Holy Vol.09 Ch.044 - The End of a Distant Empty Sky Vol.09 Ch.043 - Atonement for Well Meant Actions Vol.09 Ch.042 - An Assassin from the Shadows Vol.08 Ch.041 - A Nameless Path Vol.08 Ch.040 - Elegy for the Fathers Vol.08 Ch.039 - Three Sided Dad Fight Vol.08 Ch.038 - Parental Discontent Vol.08 Ch.037 - The End of the World Vol.08 Ch.036 - People under a Blue Sky Vol.07 Ch.035 - The Battles Demise Vol.07 Ch.034 - What it Means to Win Vol.07 Ch.033 - Coffin for the Victor Vol.07 Ch.032 - Ikuno's Rampage Vol.06 Ch.031 - Tenacious Woman Vol.06 Ch.030 - Reparations of Fear Vol.06 Ch.029 - Meeting with the Devil Vol.06 Ch.028 - The Fighting Woman Vol.06 Ch.027 - Season of the Sun Vol.05 Ch.026 - No.2 Couple Vol.05 Ch.025 - Finale Vol.05 Ch.024 - Battle for Guardian Vol.05 Ch.023 - The Legend Crumbles Vol.05 Ch.022 - The Red Invader Vol.04 Ch.021 - A Morning Jog Vol.04 Ch.020 - Fever Induced Showdown Vol.04 Ch.019 - Facts Behind the Pure of Heart Vol.04 Ch.018 - Scene of a Confession Vol.03 Ch.017 - First Love Scandal Vol.03 Ch.016 - An Evil Influence Creeps Forth Vol.03 Ch.015 - A New Enemy? Vol.03 Ch.014 - The Soukyuu Park Delinquet Cleanup Plan Vol.03 Ch.013 - First Loves Whereabouts Vol.02 Ch.012 - An Angels Steel Hammer Vol.02 Ch.011 - Conclusion in Tears Vol.02 Ch.010 - Battle Against Three Vol.02 Ch.009 - Return Match Vol.02 Ch.008 - Prelude to a Fight Vol.02 Ch.007 - Boil With Rage Vol.01 Ch.006 - Gekitotu Vol.01 Ch.005 - Intensification of Resistance Vol.01 Ch.004 - A Small Kindness Vol.01 Ch.003 - The Begining of a Legened Vol.01 Ch.002 - The Scariest School Guardian Vol.01 Ch.001 - Introducing The Scariest Face Around
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