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Tag: Action Comedy Fantasy Historical Supernatural Josei
Author:TAKAYAMA Shinobu

History isn’t Tokidoki’s strong subject. He’s even forced to do make-up work at a high-tech history museum to bring up his failing grades. After losing an eye to a virtual reality monster in an Edo...more

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Vol (167) Order
Vol.18 Ch.156 - The Moon, Shining at Daybreak Vol.18 Ch.155 - O Moon, in the Rainy Night - Part 5 Vol.18 Ch.154 Vol.18 Ch.153 Vol.18 Ch.152 Vol.18 Ch.151 Vol.18 Ch.150 Vol.18 Ch.149 Vol.18 Ch.148 - A Cuckoo, Singing to the Moon - Part 51 Vol.18 Ch.147 Vol.18 Ch.146 Vol.18 Ch.145 Vol.18 Ch.144 Vol.18 Ch.143 Vol.18 Ch.142 Vol.18 Ch.141 Vol.18 Ch.140 Vol.18 Ch.139 Vol.18 Ch.138 Vol.18 Ch.137 Vol.18 Ch.136 Vol.18 Ch.135 Vol.18 Ch.134 Vol.18 Ch.133 Vol.18 Ch.132 Vol.18 Ch.131 Vol.18 Ch.130 Vol.18 Ch.129 Vol.18 Ch.128 Vol.18 Ch.127 Vol.18 Ch.126 Vol.18 Ch.125 Vol.18 Ch.124 Vol.18 Ch.123 Vol.18 Ch.122 Vol.18 Ch.121 Vol.18 Ch.120 Vol.18 Ch.119 Vol.18 Ch.118 Vol.18 Ch.117 Vol.18 Ch.116 Vol.18 Ch.115.5 Vol.18 Ch.115 Vol.18 Ch.114 Vol.18 Ch.113 Vol.18 Ch.112 Vol.18 Ch.111 - A Cuckoo, Singing to the Moon (Part 14) Vol.18 Ch.110 - A Cuckoo, Singing to the Moon (Part 13) Vol.18 Ch.109 - Singing to the Moon (Part 012) Vol.18 Ch.036.5 Vol.17 Ch.108.5 Vol.17 Ch.108 - A Cuckoo, Singing to the Moon (Part 11) Vol.17 Ch.107 - A Cuckoo, Singing to the Moon (Part 10) Vol.17 Ch.106 - A Cuckoo, Singing to the Moon (Part 9) Vol.17 Ch.105 - A Cuckoo, Singing to the Moon (Part 8) Vol.17 Ch.104 - A Cuckoo, Singing to the Moon (Part 7) Vol.17 Ch.103 - A Cuckoo, Singing to the Moon (Part 6) Vol.17 Ch.102 - A Cuckoo, Singing to the Moon (Part 5) Vol.16 Ch.101.5 - Side Story - The Green Child/Reality Vol.16 Ch.101 Vol.16 Ch.100 Vol.16 Ch.099 Vol.16 Ch.098 Vol.16 Ch.097 - Out from the Mud Vol.16 Ch.096 - Interlude ~ Kosen Vol.16 Ch.095 Vol.15 Ch.094.5 - Extras Vol.15 Ch.094 Vol.15 Ch.093 Vol.15 Ch.092 Vol.15 Ch.091 Vol.15 Ch.090 Vol.15 Ch.089 - Here Blooms the Daylily - Part 3 Vol.15 Ch.088 - Here Blooms the Daylily - Part 2 Vol.14 Ch.087 - Here Blooms the Daylily - Part 1 Vol.14 Ch.086 - Mixed Weeds Vol.14 Ch.085 - Green shoots from an old stump Vol.14 Ch.084 Vol.14 Ch.083 - Forest of Confession Vol.14 Ch.082 - Fixed Vol.11 Ch.081 Vol.11 Ch.080.5 Vol.11 Ch.080 Vol.11 Ch.079 Vol.11 Ch.078 Vol.11 Ch.077 - A Song of a Thousand Torii Gates Vol.11 Ch.076 Vol.11 Ch.075 Vol.11 Ch.074 Vol.11 Ch.073.5 Vol.11 Ch.073 - Treading the Wheat / "Orange" Vol.11 Ch.072 Vol.11 Ch.071 Vol.11 Ch.070 Vol.11 Ch.069 Vol.11 Ch.068 Vol.11 Ch.067 Vol.11 Ch.066 - Leaf Bound Paper Parasol Vol.11 Ch.065 - Spreading Clover Vol.11 Ch.064 - Scattering Millet Vol.11 Ch.063 Vol.11 Ch.062 Vol.11 Ch.061 Vol.09 Ch.060 - The Mugwort That Grows Among The Hemp,Part 4 Vol.09 Ch.059 Vol.09 Ch.058 Vol.09 Ch.057 Vol.09 Ch.056 Vol.09 Ch.055 Vol.09 Ch.054 Vol.09 Ch.053 Vol.09 Ch.052 Vol.09 Ch.051 Vol.09 Ch.050 Vol.09 Ch.049 - This Way Or That Way? Vol.08 Ch.048 - Late Spring Rain Vol.08 Ch.047 - Butterfly's Illusion, Part 3 Vol.08 Ch.046 - Butterfly's Illusion, Part 2 Vol.08 Ch.045 - Butterfly's Illusion (Part One) Vol.08 Ch.044 - Restless Lily-of-the-Valley Vol.07 Ch.043 - Three Thunder-strikes Vol.07 Ch.042 - The Fickleness of Acceptance Vol.07 Ch.041 - Faint Blossoms Vol.07 Ch.040 - Threads of Oak Flowers Vol.07 Ch.039 - Beside The Wood Sorrrel Vol.07 Ch.038 - A Long Rain Vol.07 Ch.037 - A Hidden Tangle of Hanaikada Vol.06 Ch.036 - A Lofty Vine Vol.06 Ch.035 - Wood From A Rotted Tree - Part 2 Vol.06 Ch.034 - Wood From A Rotted Tree - Part 1 Vol.06 Ch.033 - Solitary, A Grim Spectre Vol.06 Ch.032 - Mist On The Violets - Part 2 Vol.06 Ch.031 - Mist On The Violets - Part 1 Vol.05 Ch.030 - Still Water Attracts Floating Weeds Vol.05 Ch.029 - Butterfly's Dream Part 5 Vol.05 Ch.028 - Butterfly's Dream Part 4 Vol.05 Ch.027 - Butterfly's Dream Part 3 Vol.05 Ch.026 - Butterfly's Dream Part 2 Vol.05 Ch.025 - Butterfly's Dream - Part 1 Vol.04 Ch.024.5 Vol.04 Ch.024 - Crimson Yuzuriha Vol.04 Ch.023 - A Cold Mountain Wind Through A Bamboo Fence Vol.04 Ch.022 - Occasionally To Wakubara Vol.04 Ch.021 - Two Sides Of The Konotegashiwa Vol.04 Ch.020 - A Lush, Dark Forest Vol.04 Ch.019 - And The Sun Is Hidden Vol.03 Ch.018.5 - Extra Vol.03 Ch.018 - Mid-Spring - Part 3 Vol.03 Ch.017 - Mid-Spring - Part 2 Vol.03 Ch.016 - Mid-Spring - Part 1 Vol.03 Ch.015 - Morning Storm Vol.03 Ch.014 - Moonless Dawn Vol.02 Ch.013.5 - Extra Vol.02 Ch.013 - Miotsukushi Vol.02 Ch.012 - No One Knows Vol.02 Ch.011 - Dawn and Awakening Vol.02 Ch.010 - Faded Flowers Vol.02 Ch.009 - Coming Into Bloom Vol.02 Ch.008 - The Dog God and The Holy Princess Vol.01 Ch.007.5 - Extra Vol.01 Ch.007 - Turn Back or Keep Going Vol.01 Ch.006 - A Ghostly Journey Vol.01 Ch.005 - The Miko's Song Vol.01 Ch.004 - Not Quite A Yakou Vol.01 Ch.003 - The Voice That Speaks to Dogs Vol.01 Ch.002 - The Distant Capital Vol.01 Ch.001 - Rainy Night Moon
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